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Texas A&M University

Toback Research Group

Current Group Members and Former Students and Post-Docs
Active Members
Name Title Project(s) Contact Phone Room Email Start Date
David Toback Professor * (979) 218-7130 MIST M425 toback@SPAMNOTtamu.edu Fall 2000
Mike Kelsey Researcher CDMS/Quantum Computing (650) 823-2523 NA kelsey@SPAMNOTslac.stanford.edu Fall 2019
Richard Lawrence Grad Student CDMS/Computing/Quantum Computing (530)204-3311 MIST M316 rarensu@SPAMNOTphysics.tamu.edu Summer 2016
Joshua Winchell Grad Student CDMS (630) 520-1898 MIST M316 joswinphys@SPAMNOTphysics.tamu.edu Summer 2016
Elham Azadbakht Grad Student CDMS (979) 676-5369 MIST M217 elham.azadbakht@SPAMNOTphysics.tamu.edu Summer 2016
Lei Zheng Grad Student CDMS (979) 985-8543 MPHY M217 bookzhl@SPAMNOTtamu.edu Summer 2017
McKay Osborne Grad Student CDMS NA MPHY 466 mckaydo@SPAMNOTphysics.tamu.edu Summer 2017
Dave Elofson Grad Student DUNE (508) 479-6844 MPHY 466 dave.elofson@SPAMNOTtamu.edu Summer 2018
Iman Ataee Langroudy Grad Student CDMS/Computing NA MPHY 307 iman.ataee@SPAMNOTtamu.edu Summer 2018
Rik Bhattacharyya Grad Student CDMS (979) 402-8860 MPHY 470 rik@SPAMNOTtamu.edu Summer 2019
Mozhdeh Rashidazad Grad Student NA (979) 574-6820 MPHY 466 mozhdeh.rashidazad@SPAMNOTtamu.edu Summer 2019
Oishik Ray Grad Student NA (615) 337-7318 MPHY 152 oishik.ray@SPAMNOTtamu.edu Summer 2020
Yasin Ferdous Alam Undergraduate CDMS (832) 980-6495 NA yasin.alam@SPAMNOTtamu.edu Summer 2019
Warren Perry Undergraduate CDMS (682) 201-8202 NA perry5334@SPAMNOTtamu.edu Summer 2020
Former Post-Docs
Name Dates with group Project(s) Subsequent Work
Jon S. Wilson 2014-2019 CMS Postdoc on CDMS at Baylor University
Jason Nett 2010-2013 CDF Technical Staff/Row 44
Daniel Goldin 2009-2012 CDF Staff Scientist/Science Systems and Applications, Inc.
Max Goncharov 2001-2008 CDF Research Scientist / MIT
Sung-Won Lee 2001-2005 CDF Assoc. Prof. / Texas Tech Univ.
Former Ph.D. Students
Name Degree Project(s) Subsequent Work
Jorge D. Morales Ph.D. 2019 (M.S. 2014) CDMS/Computing Postdoc with SLAC working on the LZ experiment
Ziqing Hong Ph.D. 2015 (M.S. 2013) CDF Post-Doc/ Northwestern University → Assist. Prof./Univ of Toronto (CDMS)
Jonathan Asaadi Ph.D. 2012 (M.S. 2007) CDF Post-Doc/Syracuse → Assist. Prof./UT Arlington (Neutrino Physics)
Adam Aurisano Ph.D. 2012 (M.S. 2006) CDF Post-Doc/U. Cincinnati→Assist. Prof./U. Cincinnati (Neutrino Physics)
Eunsin Lee Ph.D. 2010 (M.S. 2005) CDF Post-Doc/Univ. of Pennsylvania→Chief Medical Resident/U. Washington→Assist. Prof. of Radiation Oncology/ U.Cincinnati (Medical Physics)
Peter Wagner Ph.D. 2007 CDF Post-Doc/Univ. of Pennsylvania (ATLAS)→Researcher/Bonn (ATLAS)
Former M.S. Students
Name Degree Project(s) Subsequent Work
Nathanial Herbert M.S. 2019 CDMS
Katrina Colletti M.S. 2016 CDF/CDMS Working in a veterinary hospital
Xuji Zhao M.S. 2015 CDMS xujizhao@SPAMNOTphysics.tamu.edu
Sean Yeager M.S. 2013 CDF/CDMS Graduate student in Digital Humanities at the Ohio State University
Daniel J. Cruz M.S. 2012 CDF Support Engineer / Intergraph Corporation
Vaikunth Thukral M.S. 2011 CDF Project Scientist/SLAC Computing Division (LSST)
Michael Mason M.S. 2010 CDF Scientist / LANL
Matt Cervantes M.S. 2006 CDF Ph.D./TAMU (Nuclear)→ Post-Doc/TAMU (Nuclear)
Selected Former Undergraduate Honors and Thesis Students
Name Degree Project(s) Subsequent Work
Benjamin J. Stein NA CDMS Undergrad/Texas A&M
J. Reed Watson B.S. 2016 CDMS Grad. Student/UC Berkeley
Randy White B.S. 2016 CDF Grad. Student / Stanford
Sarah Henry B.S. 2015 CDF Grad. Student / Rochester
Chris Davis B.S. 2013 CMS Grad. Student / Yale
Paul Geffert B.S. 2009 CDF Ph.D. 2014/UCSB→ Firmware Engineer/SanDisk
Paul Simeon B.S. 2008 CDF Ph.D. 2014/Stanford→Science Education Fellow and Lecturer/Stanford
Contact info for previous group members