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Toback CDMS Group


TAMU CDMS Analyses Projects

Soudan Completed Analyses and Studies
Title TAMU Authors
Vibration and Electric Noise Study J. Morales, D. Toback
Soudan In Progress Analysis Projects
Title TAMU Authors test
High Voltage eV (HVeV) Analysis D. Toback, E. Azadbakht, M. Kelsey
Low Threshold Analysis D. Toback, J.R. Watson, J.S. Wilson
High Threshold Analysis J. Morales, D. Toback, J.S. Wilson
CDMS Lite Analysis J. Morales, D. Toback, J.S. Wilson, X. Zhao
Mulit-Template Filter Position Reconstruction A. Marotta, D. Toback, J.S. Wilson