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Big Bang, Black Holes, No Math
(ASTR/PHYS 109, Last updated 04/15/21)

The Honors version of ASTR/PHYS 109 (section 200) meets with the regular sections (500) during the regular lecture times.

The Honors project is a LOT of fun, but also requires a lot of work regularly throughout the semester. In a sentence, the project is an "extra paper" that goes beyond what is in the textbook. This means you will need to read the textbook quickly, find a topic outside the course (we will work with you), do a LOT of reading, and write it up using the style of the papers in the course. We will frontload a lot of the work since we have found that a number of students don't start early enough and then want to change to the regular section. That's ok, but if it's after the add/drop date there are administrative problems. If you are excited to learn something fun and new, and willing to diligently do the work, let's dive in.

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