TurnItIn Instructions for ASTR/PHYS 109 and 119
Submitting Documents to TurnItIn

Last Update 01/20/21


We will be using TurnItIn for ASTR/PHYS 109 for both a copy of your paper (after submitting to Peerceptive) as well as for any revisions of papers (optional).

TurnItIn is used to evaluate for evidence of Plagiarism: TurnItIn will evaluate your paper and after a short period of time (this time will vary depending on internet traffic) you will be able to view your originality report for your submission. If your originality report for your submission is a very low number (<5% is ideal, 10% is often ok, but we'll look) you are done and we can grade your paper. If it is not, your paper will be considered further for evidence of plagiarism. For more information about the plagiarism policy click. Here

Instructions for Submitting a Document to TurnItIn:

The following are instructions for students on how to turn in their papers to TurnItIn for the course. The idea is that you turn it in to TurnItIn but using the eCampus interface for the course. Once your paper is submitted an authenticity report will be generated indicating to what degree (if at all) your paper has been found to have been duplicated from another source. If you can't find your score, or have concerns, send email to 109GeneralHelp@physics.tamu.edu

There is nothing to sign up for, and no other web sites to go to

Submission Problem Help:

Some people experience trouble submitting to TurnItIn with eCampus. For help start here

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