Students and Postdocs who have worked under my supervision (supervised or co-supervised)*

(last updated  01/31/22 )

(Not pictured: Matt Cervantes (MS Student), Paul Geffert (Honors BS student), Sarah Henry (Undergrad), David Maffei (M.S. Student), Mike Mason (M.S. Student), Mike Weinberger (postdoc), Sean Yeager (M.S. Student))

Physics Research

Postdoctoral Students and Research Scientists (Co-supervised):

Ph.D. Students (Dissertation chair):

Masters Students (Committee chair or co-chair):

Graduate Students (Masters or Ph.D. committee member or co-chair):

Undergraduates (only present students or students who did an honors thesis are listed):

Supervision of Students on Teaching Projects

Physics Students (Graduate Students unless otherwise indicated):

All students who have received a graduate degree from me (ordered by first degree 5 PhD's, 20 different students, 25th degree):
  1. Eunsin Lee: MS 2005, PhD 2010
  2. Adam Aurisano: MS 2006, PhD 2012
  3. Matt Cervantes: MS 2006
  4. Peter Wagner: PhD 2007
  5. Jonathan Asaadi: MS 2007, PhD 2012
  6. Michael Mason: MS 2010
  7. Vaikunth Thukral: MS 2011
  8. Daniel Cruz: MS 2012
  9. Ziqing Hong: MS 2013, PhD 2015
  10. Sean Yeager: MS 2013
  11. Jorge Morales: MS 2014, PhD 2020
  12. Xuji Zhao: MS 2015
  13. Katrina Colletti: MS 2016
  14. Richard Lawrence: MS 2018
  15. Josh Winchell: MS 2018
  16. Nate Herbert: MS 2019
  17. Elham Azadbakht: MS 2019
  18. Dave Elofson: MS 2021
  19. McKay Osborne: MS 2021
  20. Iman Ataee Lagroundy: MS 2021

* Note: All students are from Texas A&M University unless otherwise noted. All awards are physics research awards from regional or national organizations, unless noted as an international award. Students (and their awards) on scholarly teaching activities, such as web-based materials, course and textbook development, are listed separately.