toback.gifDavid Toback

Thaman Professor for Undergraduate Teaching Excellence
Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Experimental High Energy Particle Physics
Texas A&M University

Contact Information:

Texas A&M University
Department of Physics and Astronomy

Mitchell Institute for Fundamental Physics and Astronomy
4242 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843

I search for new particles at the Fermilab Tevatron and at the LHC at CERN.

Learn more about the fundamental building blocks of nature


A link to Biographical information (including my CV) , some good press over the years and info about the students and postdocs who have worked with me

A link to my Most Recent Papers (and my thesis)

A link to My most recent projects with the TAMU/CDF/CMS Group and the TAMU/CDMS

A link to Talks I, and my students/post-docs, have given

Teaching Links:

·  My textbook "Big Bang, Black Holes, No Math"

·  Courses: Physics 218 and Big Bang and Blacks Holes (ASTR/PHYS 109)

·         Companion course (Lab Methods) for ASTR/PHYS 109 (ASTR/PHYS 119)

·  Descriptions and Pedagogy of the AMES (Math), CHAGS (HW) and QUICK (Quiz) systems

·  Mechanics Scholar Program and Presentations

Old home pages: Univ. of Maryland and Univ. of Chicago

A link to Family stuff

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