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Neutrino Physics (DUNE/Q-Pix)

The Toback Research Group is a contributing member of the Q-Pix collaboration.  This collaboration is based on a new charge pixel technology, first conceptualized by Dr. David Nygren of UT Arlington. This technology is being proposed as an upgrade to the currently planned wire readout technology in the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE). The goal of the collaboration is to continue to develop and test Q-Pix until we can confirm that Q-Pix will at least match, but more importantly surpass the performance of the original technology.

The collaboration is currently focusing on studies relating to exploring the charge and light detection capabilities of the pixels, improving/developing the hardware behind Q-Pix, reconstructing simulated supernova neutrino events, and phenomenological projects exploring the capabilities of Q-Pix in theoretical settings. 

Projects and Information

Toback Group Onboarding (New Members Start Here)

DUNE/Q-Pix Onboarding

DUNE/Q-Pix Developer Onboarding

DUNE/Q-Pix Glossary of Useful Terms

DUNE/Q-Pix Software Overview

DUNE/Q-Pix Science Overview

DUNE/Q-Pix Projects:


Toback Group DUNE/Q-Pix Documentation:


General DUNE/Q-Pix Documentation:



  • Simulation Instructions – Asaadi – Basic instructions for how to run example files in root
  • Example.C – Highly commented example file of root macro (referenced in instructions above)
  • – file for G4PY of simulated cube of argon (needs to be saved in the same directory as the .root file below).
  • ArCube_0000.root – root file of argon cube (needs to be saved in the same directory as the .py file above).
  • AsaadiExample.C – Example macro

Recent DUNE Activity


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