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Howdy! Welcome to the Toback Research Group. This webpage is designed to provide all the necessary information to get started with research. This webpage will provide information on weekly meetings, group dynamics, and how to set up and access accounts.

Getting Oriented with the Group

Active Tasks

The Toback Research Group is actively involved in the hardware, software, simulation, and analysis of the SuperCDMS and DUNE experiments. The group is also actively involved in Quantum Computing.

Group Meetings

The Toback Research Group has weekly meetings over Zoom to discuss progress reports on the various research projects. Information on how to access the group meetings and the buzz words commonly used during the weekly meeting can be found on the following webpages.
Weekly meetings are currently held on Fridays at 3PM (CT).

Group Culture

You may find yourself overwhelmed when first being introduced to the group. Information on the group culture and noon reports can be found on the following webpages.


Getting Started With …

Using your Personal Computer/Phone

Here you can find resources for recommended personal computer software and coding tutorials.


Group Google Drive

The group uses Google Drive to store and share talks and documents. You will need a TAMU Google Account to access it. The link below is a direct link to the drive. If you do not have access yet, simply click the first link below and you will be asked if you want to send a request to be added. Click yes. The driver manager will approve it and assign you an access level according to your status. If you do not hear from them within 48 hours, let Toback know.


Using Big Computing (HPRC)

If you will be using Mitchell Computing resources for a computing project, then you will need to access the High Performance Research Computing (HPRC) cluster using the TAMU VPN and your NetID.


General Analysis

The most popular method of conducting data analysis is with Jupyter Notebooks using Python. To use a Jupyter Notebook on Grace or Terra, you can use the following Interactive Portals.

The following links are LinkedIn tutorials for data analysis using python.

CDMS Onboarding


Setting up CDMS Accounts

If you are doing work on CDMS, you will need to do things like accessing CDMS documentation, data, or code repositories. To do that you need to start by joining CDMS and setting various CDMS accounts. It is recommended that you start by making a Confluence account.


CDMS Simulations

To start with CDMS simulations, you must first setup the necessary CDMS Accounts.


CDMS Analysis

To start with CDMS anlaysis, you must first setup the necessary CDMS Accounts.



DUNE Simulations

The following webpage is intended to be an Onboarding for DUNE researchers.



For any edits to the onboarding page, contact Ben Meleton at