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Computer Resources

TAMU VPN and SSH Client

When accessing TAMU virtual machines, you will need to connect to the TAMU VPN. You may also want to use a SSH client for easier file transfering between your personal computer and the virtual computer.

TAMU Computer Support Group

The Physics department at Texas A&M provides a computer support webpage for information on printing, software, personal webpages, etc. (Requires TAMU VPN)

Recommended Document Editors

At some point, you may want to create a document related to your research. The following document editors are commonly used in the group.

Recommended Text Editors

If your research involves creating or editting computer code, you will want to use a text editor. The following text editors are commonly used in the group.

Installing Endgame on Toback Computers

Computers owned by TAMU will need to install additional software called Endgame. Endgame is a last line of defense in case of hacking or data theft. When you install it, it will monitor what kind of activities are happening on your computer in the background. If there is any suspicious activity such as 5TB of data transfer at 2 am, it will alert IT, and they will have a chance to stop a data breach before it gets too far.

Machine Learning Resources

The following resources are powered by neural-network algorithms that can be useful for writing code. For example, writing ‘Python code to generate a random Gaussian distribution with 100 datapoints and fit the data’ in ChatGPT will print functional code. In addition, Copilot can make in-line suggestions or corrections that can be natively utilized in text-editors like Visual Studio Code.

Computer Inventory

If you are new to the group, please note that we do an inventory once a year as a way to keep track of all the resources in the group.

  • If you are in possession of a group-owned computer (property of TAMU), we need to know its whereabouts and who is responsible for it. You can identify a group-owned computer by checking for a sticker on it with a barcode and asset number. 
  • In addition to the group-owned computers, we would like to have a list of computer resources that our group members own. If you have your own computer (your property, not TAMUs), and it’s not already on the list, please let us know.

To add your computer to the list, send the following information to Nolan Tenpas: make and model, serial number, owner’s name, and contact information. After we add it to the list, there’s nothing else you need to worry about for your devices.