ASTR 109/PHYS 109
Big Bang and Black Holes

Introduction to Cosmology

Prof. David Toback (Section 201/Honors and 501/Regular)

Teaching Assistants: Oishik Ray
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Fall 2021

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Course Material:

  • Syllabus - includes Course Topics, Reading and Approximate Due Dates for Regular and Honors Sections Assignments (Last updated 08/27/21)
  • Course Organization - More information about how the course is organized, as well as assignments
  • Class Schedule - Tentative schedule with due dates for Reading, End of Chapter Quizzes, Pre-Lecture Reading Question Assignments and Papers (Last updated 08/25/21)
  • Honors Sections - Info about the honors section and the Outside-Topic Paper
  • Textbook Information - The required and recommended texts for the course (and a link to the first 4 chapters of the textbook if needed)
  • Lecture Notes - Copies of the Lecture Notes

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Other Stuff:

·  Fun Stuff - Videos and written stuff students have sent to illustrate the science

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