Lab for Big Bang & Black Holes

Introduction to Cosmology

(ASTR 119/PHYS 119)
Prof. David Toback

Teaching Assistant: Iman Ataee and Dave Elofson

Fall 2018

This course is the companion course for ASTR/PHYS 109

·  Syllabus - Includes Course Topics and Reading Assignments

·  Lab Class Schedule - With full set of dates. What is due when can be found here

·  Textbook information - The required and recommended readings for the course.


·  Labs - Use this link to get to the labs themselves which are done online


·  eCampus - Instructions on how to use eCampus for online assignments

·  FAQ - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the labs

·  Instructions on plagiarism and how to use on eCampus

·  Fun videos and written stuff students have sent to illustrate the science

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